What is the difference between BPM Create, BPM Supreme and BPM Latino?

BPM Create, BPM Supreme and BPM Latino are all subscription-based digital music services with separate platforms. They each require their own membership to access music. BPM Create is our latest platform that provides thousands of instrumental samples, sound effects and sound packs for DJ-ing, beat-making, and music production. 

BPM Supreme is a record pool that offers a wide range of tracks and playlists for DJs to use during sets. Available genres include Open Format, Hip Hop, and Dance music, as well as some mainstream Latin, Rock, and Country.

To learn more about BPM Supreme, click here.

BPM Latino offers an extensive library of strictly Latin music for DJs that includes genres such as Cumbia, Tropical, Regional, Bachata, and more. 

To learn more about BPM Latino, click here.




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