How do drives work?

Similar to the crate feature on BPM Supreme and BPM Latino, you can select specific audio samples and add them to your personal collection called a "drive", which saves and downloads your selected audio samples as a .zip file.

To make a new drive, select "Add New Drive" under "Drives" on the left menu.


Name the drive however you'd like. You can add multiple drives depending on if you have a Standard subscription (max 5 drives), a Premium subscription (max 20 drives), or a Premium Plus subscription (max 30 drives).

To add samples to your drive, find the sample you would like to add and click on the three dots on its right.

Select "Add To Drive" and choose your drive.


To download samples in your drive, you can select multiple samples by clicking on the checkmark next to each sample or by clicking on the top checkmark to select all tracks in the drive. 

Once your samples have been selected, click on  "Download 'X' Selected Samples" at the top. 


Your files should then be downloaded as a .zip file. An email containing the download link will also be sent to you.


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